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May 22 2018

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May 02 2018

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This is Bud. He lives at the Cannabis Shop by me. He is super chill.

April 24 2018

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She *may* want to go outside.

April 18 2018

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April 12 2018

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The new shop mascot has arrived!

April 11 2018

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April 10 2018

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These dudes were so lucky. (at Stumptown Escape Games)

April 08 2018

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Piper’s notes to herself for running games. (at Stumptown Escape Games)

April 07 2018

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What to heck?!? Where did all these people come from? (at Stumptown Escape Games)

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Amazon has to be thinking “what the hell is this dude up to?” (at Stumptown Escape Games)

April 02 2018

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What it looks like when you accidentally drag 1,068 items to your desktop and not the folder you intended. #imamensa

March 29 2018

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Spring Break well spent. (at Stumptown Escape Games)

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I’ve instituted an employee of the month program. Strangely, no one is excited about winning. (at Stumptown Escape Games)

March 24 2018

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When you work too late, don’t sleep well, and then get up in a rush to do it all over again.

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Shop dog. Happy dog. Good dog. (at Stumptown Escape Games)

March 23 2018

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She can’t decide whether to enjoy the heat of the fan or walk on the keyboard.

March 22 2018

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Professor Stephen Hawking believes Zayn might still be in One Direction - in a different universe

The important thing about this is that Stephen Hawking well understands the fact that you can enjoy and/or be upset about frivolous things while simultaneously enjoying and/or being upset about important things.

He also turned this into a massive encouragement for girls to become female scientists as they age.

I fucking love Stephen hawking he gave this a serious answer instead of trivializing teenage girls like most men (esp. highly intelligent nerdy men) do

god bless you sir

When I was like 13 (so about 20 years ago) I sent a bunch of emails off to various physicists asking the question:

“If the universe is expanding what is it expanding into?”

(I had gotten the emails from various websites. It was a more trusting time)

I got three replies.

The first two were non answers basically saying the universe doesn’t really expand into anything because it’s the universe.

The third reply was from Stephen Hawking and this is what he said:

“We don’t know yet. We’re trying to figure that out.”

He could have ignored my email. He could have fobbed me off like the others had done.

Instead he answered me truthfully.

I will NEVER forget that.

Ultimately science wasn’t a career path I could go down (I have dsycalculia) but it helped motivate me through many years of science classes in junior and senior high school and where I consistently got good grades despite my struggles with math.

Stephen Hawking is wonderful

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