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October 23 2017

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October 05 2017

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I want all of the minifigs.

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I want all of the minifigs.

September 19 2017

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For more glimpses into the abyss head on over to bertstrips: https://www.facebook.com/heckingoodsesamestreetmemes/

September 16 2017

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at Seaside, Oregon

September 11 2017

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Our closest star emitted another X-class solar flare! The X8.2 X-ray flare occurred on 10 September. It’s the fourth X-class solar flare, and also the second strongest of solar cycle 24. (Video)

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please watch brooklyn nine-nine

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September 05 2017

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There is ash on my car. WTF.

September 01 2017

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at St. Johns Bridge

August 07 2017

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This is the weirdest bong I have ever seen.

August 04 2017

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Not at all disturbing. Nope (at Washington)

July 27 2017

July 24 2017

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My girls know how to do birthday presents right!!


i like to stay up at night because the world feels like it stops for a few hours and you don’t have any responsibilities

I pretend a lot of shit doesn’t get to me.
— 10 word story (via p-rincessri)

July 23 2017

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If you have to share your birthday cake with someone, I highly recommend doing it with someone who is awesome. It tastes better that way.

July 21 2017

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Jalapeño Popper Pizza with Spicy Sausage, Pancetta, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Jalapeños. [OC][4830 × 3199]

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